Take Action For Flint 365: Powerless Ends Where Black Solutions Begin March 8, 2016 – Posted in: In the Community – Tags: , , , , , , ,


As the people of Flint fight to protect and sustain themselves amidst the ongoing crisis caused by lead-contamination of the city’s water supply, we are practicing Ujamaa (cooperative economics) to get as much clean water to Flint as possible.

Together LetsBuyBlack365, Abibitumikasa, and Imperial Water, The National Association of Black Psychologists, Freedom Paper Company and Power In One Clothing are working together with activists on the ground in Flint. Together we are raising $28,000 to dispatch healthy water, bathroom tissue, care supplies, and mental health support services to Flint, Michigan.

Let’s stop depending on others for the self-sufficiency of our communities. Let’s act now in the spirit of resourcefulness and unity to help our brothers and sisters in Flint. #TakeActionforFlint365 by visiting www.letsbuyblack365.com .

For every ‘I Love’ Tee purchased this month from Power In One Clothing, we will donate $5 to the Take Action For Flint 365 Movement.