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2019 has been a very successful eighth year for Power In One Clothing.  Join us in reviewing our highlights this year, as we begin to look forward to the new beginnings of 2020.

As an online business, it remains important to us to maintain an in-person presence and we have found the best way do that is to sponsor our own events in partnership with other organizations in our community network around the country. We were able to host events in all three of our home markets.

In Charlotte, NC for the eighth year we held our annual Empowering Lifestyles Weekend (ELW) which includes a health fair, 5k race and for the second year the Afro Cool Fest (https://youtu.be/qX6yImCdDXE).

Also in Charlotte, Power in One hosted a screening of the 5th edition to the very popular documentary series, Hidden Colors (https://youtu.be/b1QJ2Me4tLc). 

We spent lots of time building a live presence in North Carolina.  Alongside the ELW weekend and Afro Cool Fest, we vended at the African American Festival in Raleigh, NC. We also vended at Aggie Fan Fest in Greensboro, NC again. 

In Washington, DC we launched our Step Up, Power Up sock initiative and hosted a music concert featuring the Fresh Tribe at the Anacostia Arts Center (https://youtu.be/PvxNqgFiag4).

Step Up, Power Up is a sock initiative focused on supplying new and clean socks to our brothers and sisters who may not have the necessary resources to afford them. Clean, dry socks are item least donated but mostly needed. They can go a long way for those who lack the means to maintain healthy feet. 

In Los Angeles, CA we hosted the second We Don’t Need Their Approval Fest. The first one was held in December 2018 in DC (https://youtu.be/5lbXMnDdQFs). 

This event was used to collect diapers that were donated to our families in need in South LA. The diapers are distributed by the community organization “The Wise Spot”. Why diapers? Diapers are a definite need for babies and get expensive for families. We want to do our part and help our families in need ease that burden.

Bringing awareness and taking action is what Power In One is about.

As for our fashion, we successfully launched a collaboration with Los Angeles based author, radio host, and business owner Zo Williams and his Man-Sions Show. Man-Sions show apparel is now exclusively sold on our site www.pioclothing.com (https://youtu.be/7jbAve7LJtY) .

As we look on to the new year, we also look forward to the many potential opportunities ahead. As you reflect on this last year, please also consider how you have utilized your power in one and what you can do differently in 2020 and beyond.

Stay empowered and have a Happy 2020!

Naomi Crumpley

Resident Fashion Blogger/Consultant

Power In One Clothing