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Malcolm X Day 2018

3-D is not a term that just applies to a film format. Our bodies are 3-Dimensional as well as our physical brains so why wouldn’t our minds have the same ability to view the world through multi layered lenses, to see people for all the things they are instead of the stereotypes and character types we expect them to fulfill without even knowing them. It is easy to also remember people as who we think they were instead of remembering what we knew them to be; remembering their truth. With the tool of history, people often pick and choose the narrative to represent others posthumously.

Take Malcolm X for instance. Often remembered as a Civil Rights Movement leader that believed in leading by force in order to create effective change “by any means necessary,”who advocated for black nationalism. But like you and I, he was so much more than that and should continue to be in our memories as a man who transformed not only his circumstances in life, but also his mindset. From dropping out of high school after being discouraged to fulfill his dreams by a teacher to ending up in jail, Malcolm took up reading and became a part of the Nation of Islam, spreading the religion to 100 times the amount of believers in just eight years. After travelling abroad and subscribing to Sunni Islam as well as spending time in North Africa, he found a more spiritual and political balance. He has taught us that not only can you do anything you’re compelled to, but also that you have the power in one to be able to constantly evolve.

His life story does not paint a pretty picture but his experiences made him larger than the boxes people have tried to put him in and it is so important to always consider how your experiences shape who you become. It is important that on this day, his birthday (Malcolm X Day) May 19th we pay homage to all of the man, all of the human being that he was by remembering all of the layers that formed him into the man he was when he was assassinated. Remember him for his enlightenment, and his seeking of his truth in life.

In honor of Malcolm X, I challenge you to give people more dimensions and facets to remember you by. Never forget your capacity to make an impact, to evolve, or to inspire like Malcolm did. Stay empowered!

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Written by Naomi Crumpley

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