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Love (noun)  – an intense feeling of deep affection

Love is a four-letter word that everyone knows and usually says to at least one person in their lives. The most important person they ought to say it to is themselves. In a world filled with endless generalizations, stereotypes, and categorization, it is important to always love thy self. Maintaining a power in oneself, specifically yourself is something I challenge you to do today. I believe that love is a step above ‘like’ but is unconditionally deeper than affection. It involves a sense of knowing and being able to love oneself opens the doors for infinite love to shine through to you. It is not something you question, or just hear someone say, it is something you feel.

Our staple “I LOVE” design embodies the empowerment to love who you are, your ancestry, your culture, and the people who can always identify with the unique qualities and experiences you all may share. As those of African descent our history is not the most comfortable one, but our resilience makes our present and future even more exciting to look forward to. It is important to know where you came from to know where you are going. Our journey to fulfill our fullest potential is what will continue to define us as individuals and as a people. Know yourself, love yourself, and love all the things that evolve who you are.  Celebrate your culture and greatness not just during black history month, celebrate it all the days of your life. Stay empowered!

 Written by Naomi Crumpley, Fashion Designer & Blogger Consultant

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