Little Steps To The Big Bounce Back September 8, 2016 – Posted in: In the Community, Uncategorized

Stressed out. Fed up. Boxed in. Tired. Weak. On your last leg. Up against the ropes. Life often will throw a series of punches that will land us flat on our backs with no idea how we are going to get up. At times like these, there’s a battle going on between our head and our heart. We want to maintain hope, but in our heads we are struggling to ward off the on-sledge of fear, doubt, weariness, and depression.

The book “Little Steps To The Big Bounce Back” provides small doses of stimulation written and curated by lifestyle expert A.Lenise, a noted speaker and founder of Kouture by A.Lenise a series of lifestyle guides devoted to upwardly mobile living. Her words of wisdom are designed to center your mind, channel your thoughts and propel you into a new realm of thinking. There is nothing else left to lose. Seize the opportunity now.

“Little Steps To The Big Bounce Back” is available on Amazon at