Kolpeace in his Own Words May 28, 2018 – Posted in: Culture, Doing Good, In the Community – Tags: , ,

[reflection on being a Power In One Brand Ambassador]  Power In One gave me a chance to change my opportunity, give back to my community, and create a new experience. When I first started working with this brand, they didn’t treat me like another obligation or a reason to improve their brand. They treated as if I had the power to change my own future. Funny thing is , it took me until now to realize I had that power inside of me all this time.

[in reference to my live artwork] This is my work, my imagination, and my peace of mind. I have a passion for my work, and I’m talking about the passion you get when you want to quit and give up because you’re tired, I understand. I’ve had that feeling when I didn’t sell one thing and made me think my work wasn’t good enough. I wanted to create something with a purpose and that means something to me, something that people would believe in. Share my work however you feel, but i want you to see it because I love it, I will never sell out just to make a quick buck. I know you have seen live painters and all that but I’m telling you that kolpeace is more than just a live painting it’s a new generation of creativity, it’s a peace of mind. Always remember one thing about me, when we meet you get the actual me and not a show, I’m not perfect but my heart is bigger than my smile and I know that I will be able to give back to others. And If only one person get to see my work, thats cool I know who God is. My grandma told me that I can be all God wants me to be, I believe that and so should you.


When I pick up a brush, it feels like a sword but when I pick up spray paint it feels like an axe fighting myself. Plenty of times I wanted to just quit and give up because I was tired and willing to be stuck. Fire is my voice because it protects me from feeling sorry for myself. Instead of  allowing man’s words to crumble me, I let God’s word transform me.

I am Kolpeace and I am a Power In One Brand Ambassador…Power In One is Family and I am happy to be a part of the Movement!  I look forward to building with you at www.kolpeace.com