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Power in One started on October 15, 2011 and this year will mark our 8th year in business. As the anniversary, October 15 has been dubbed “International PIO (Power in One) Day,” in which we encourage all to celebrate their power in one with us from across the world. Our mission is to empower lifestyles by igniting the fire within each of us through fashion and the idea that as an individual, you  have the power to affect change within yourself, community, and the world.

This year, 2019, is the “year of return” to West Africa and we have designed our new release with that in mind. The new line of products encompass the essence of PIO with the green and red powerful fist in one; and the black and white “Seed of Africa” tee.  To complete the “Seed of Africa” Collection we connect you to black Krobo beads from Ghana!

The “Seed of Africa” line exists to pay homage to our Pan-African genetic heritage as melanin-rich brothers and sisters. Take a look at this new collection and join us in celebrating another year of thriving. The green and red power in one tee is available in the v-neck unisex silhouette. The black and white “Seed of Africa” tee is available in unisex and ladies-fit silhouette styles.

Stay empowered and stay in style with these new designs!


Written by Naomi Crumpley

Resident Fashion Consultant/Blogger

Power In One