How Can I Influence? January 19, 2017 – Posted in: Culture, Doing Good, In the Community

  1. I use my life as an example. I can’t talk it if I don’t walk it.
  2. I give people the straight talk. I share the whole story.
  3. I show genuine concern for the individual. I believe that people don’t care about what you have to say if they don’t think you care about them.
  4.  I build relationships & keep them consistent. I don’t only communicate when I need something.
  5.  I’m open to discuss all possibilities of success. All voices are heard & considered.
  6.  I remind people & hold them accountable to their commitments.
  7.  I share all information with everyone in the circle of influence.
  8.  I keep a positive vibe. Positive vibes lead to success and attracts people.