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When most people hear the word Arabia, they might think of the Arabian Peninsula or the book Arabian Nights. But I offer you a new reference to the word. Meet Arabia Morgan, the ArabiaAskedYou talk show host. Arabia goes way back with PowerInOne. She used to intern as a marketing assistant for PIO and one of the managing partners/co-creators of the brand, Ryan, is her cousin.

In honor of Women’s History Month, it is great to highlight Arabia as we get to explore her perspectives on her creative journey.

Arabia’s power in one is her talk show-on-the-go business ArabiaAskedYou. “Being a talk show host is fun but being a Talk Show Host On The Go is even better. I am liable to pop up anywhere in the world with your day to day questions.” Her brand is perfect for “traveling and your relationship dosage.”

For Arabia, “fashion is a way to express who Arabia is by showcasing [her] personality without having to say a word.” The most exciting thing about fashion for her “is the way she can express [herself], especially as a curvy woman.” Self expression is so important as it is an extension of who you are and all the feels you might need to let out. Allowing fashion to be the platform to express those vibes is a great way to let your personal style speak for itself and Arabia knows all about that. Her favorite PIO piece is the classic green crew neck which is one of the very first crewnecks that was ever released from the brand.

With regards to trends, fads and classics, Arabia says that “I am my own style. I march to the beat of my own drum.” It sounds to me that she dresses according to what feels right and what she wants to say for the day through her style. She is not limited by or restricted to the societal norms of what’s in today and out tomorrow. One item that she always goes to is a hat. She “loves the security it gives [her]. 

In order to stay motivated and empowered, she “sets goals for the future and achieves them” like creating a todo list and checking things off as she gets through them.

If you’re ever in need of some thoughtful advice, just ask Arabia!

The main way to get access to her content for ArabiaAskedYou would be through her youtube channel Arabia AskedYou .

Also be sure to check out her Instagram, @arabiaaskedyou for the latest on traveling and relationship talk.  

 Written by Naomi Crumpley, Fashion Designer & Blogger Consultant

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